The United Methodist Churches

of Holcombe, Jim Falls, Anson Township, Wisconsin

Schedule at the Holcombe, Jim Falls, and Anson UMC as noted:

Hello wonderful people due to what is transpiring with the COVID19 pandemic we are suspending church services and all group activities here at all three churches for 2 weeks. We will be creating a video service and putting it out in different ways, Facebook, website, u- tube, maybe emailing it too if it will work. This is a first so bear with us as we figure it out. This has been a very difficult decision for me and the leaders of the charge. The conference has put out letters for us to not meet in a group setting and it is being broadcast state and national to not be in any type of groups. We are truly in need of prayers and to gather in the Spirit in Jesus’ name for the world. We need you to pass the word on to all that may not see this! We are posting it on our web site, emailing it and Facebook. If you know of attendees that do not have access to these forms of communication, please reach out to them and call them and make them aware. Thank you for your understanding in this time of newness and a way of dealing with the unknown. People who are willing to go out and make purchases for others who are scared or compromised let us know here at church and we can help make the purchases for you. Please take proper precautions for yourself and for others. Take a moment as we all will seem to have time and be with GOD. Say a prayer, write a journal, read a bible. We all have a moment take it and seek our Lord. We still are in Lent so think about things and reflect on our lives. I pray for our safety and health during this time. I am always available! GOD’S blessings

Love and Laughter

Pastor Paul+