The United Methodist Churches

of Holcombe, Jim Falls, Anson Township, Wisconsin

Schedule at the Holcombe, Jim Falls, and Anson UMC as noted:

SUNDAY(2/23)  Transfiguration Sunday Worship 

                          11:15 (A)

                          W/ Noisy Bucket Offering

                          8:30a (H), 10a (JF)

                          Adult Sunday School 10a (H)

MONDAY (2/24)  Food Pantry 4-6p (JF)

TUESDAY (2/25) Food Pantry 2-5p (H)

WEDNESDAY (2/26)  Ash Wednesday Worship

                                   (A&JF) 5:30p, (H) 7:30p

                                   Choir Rehearsal 5:00p (H)

THURSDAY (2/27) Worship Committee (JF) 10:30a 

SUNDAY (3/01)  1st Sunday in Lent Worship 

                           W/Holy Communion

                           8:30a (H), 10a (JF), 11:15a (A)

                           Adult Sunday School, 10a (H)