The United Methodist Churches

of Holcombe, Jim Falls, Anson Township, Wisconsin

“FLOOD BUCKETS – an ongoing mission”

Flood Buckets will be a year round mission project for Holcombe United Methodist Church. Bring items that you can donate, using the list below, to the Church and place on the table labeled for this project. WE will sort the items and FILL the cleaning buckets. The completed

buckets will be picked up and delivered to a center for future need in Wisconsin and around the country, distributed by UMCOR.

Flood (cleaning) Bucket:

-liquid laundry detergent – 50 oz.

-household cleaner concentrate – 12 to 16 oz.

-antibacterial dish soap – 16 to 28 oz.

-air freshener – 8 or 9 oz (aerosol cans must have protective cap)

-insect repellent (not killer) – 6 to 14 oz (with protective cap)

-5 scouring pads (not steel wool; flat ones work best for packing)

-1 scrub brush/hand

-18 cleaning towels (Easy Wipe, reusable)

-7 sponges, assorted sizes

-50 clothes pins (snap)

-clothesline (cotton) approx. 3/16” diameter x 100 ft.

-dust mask – 5 pack (disposable and sealed in a bag)

-latex gloves – package of 2 pair (Premier)

-work gloves – 1 pair (Wells Lamont, Canvas Dot)

-trash bags – 24 (rolled into 2 sets of 12) (Glad tie, approx 30 gallon or larger)

Beverage Tab Collection

The collection of beverage can tabs is ongoing and you may bring your collection and place in the large garbage can in the Fellowship Hall at Holcombe UMC. Help us fill up this LARGE garbage can to help with the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Reminder (as of May 15, 2015): bring in those soda and beverage can tabs to

fill up the big plastic garbage can in the fellowship hall.

We are almost to the top, but the last few inches are the

hardest to fill. During the summer we should be able to

complete this can. 

Place a small container to collect them at home near your recycling as a reminder. Everyone in the family can do this mission project.

Paul Webster, Missionary to Mujila Falls

We have recently made a commitment to covenant with Paul Webster at the Mujila Falls Agricultural Centre. 

We were so fortunate to have Paul with us on a Sunday last July. We enjoyed his message in the worship service, and with Andre leading the Children’s Time in dancing together.

We have made this Covenant Relationship with Paul for several years and we are so thankful for your support.

To see the rest of the article that was published in our July & August Parish Post, click on this link:  May/June 2015 Newsletter from Mujila Falls.