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Parish Posts

Parish Post

An ongoing series of Monthly informational Parish Posts

November 2021

Hello Church Family,

At this time of year, I see the fruits of our labor harvested, from corn, soybeans, and hay fields, from apple trees, blueberries, tomato, and pumpkins, all engorged ripe and ready for the taking. I think about our own harvest. How are we harvesting what we sowed this year? Humbly, kinder, caring for all, not about ourselves but for our friends and strangers alike...

October 2021

Good day wonderful people of the Chippewa County Churches.

Summer is still holding on. Well, it is today as I sit here thinking and pondering about life. There was an Instagram video of Mary and I’s granddaughter Harper asking, “What is the purpose of life?” Pretty profound for a five-year-old to even be thinking about what is the purpose? Do we have one? She thought about the answer and said she didn’t know...

September 2021

Do you feel it in the air? The coolness when the sun goes down out of sight. Even the longevity of daylight is dwindling and fading away ever so slightly every evening. From our back porch I watch as the sun keeps moving farther and farther south in the blue sky and keeps setting in a different place on that western horizon each setting of the sun. This is the season we dislike realizing summer is leaving and yet we look forward to the coming of the next season. So many of us love fall, I am one of those that enjoy fall and wished it would last more than a quick couple of months...

August 2021

Hello all you wonderful children of GOD!!

I find happiness in many places here on earth. How about all of us? Where do we seek happiness on earth? A place of comfort that brings a smile to our face right now as we reflect on that special place. Do we feel it change our attitude? In an instant we are there, and it brings joy into our being. Does it have to be a place? Can it be a song, a poem or verse, children, grandchildren even great grandchildren for some of us. How about a ride in a car, boat, the roar of a motorcycle, ATV or side by side or the rhythmic gallop of a horse? I have mentioned a few things but where is happiness in all our lives? Do some of us thrive and find joy in exciting loud events, or quiet tranquil moments. Can a couch, a blanket, and a movie bring happiness? ALL OF THE ABOVE! 

July 2021

Hello to you all,

Welcome, and take a moment to sit, reflect, and think about the past year. We are already in the middle of 2021 and “YES” things are slowly getting back to a familiar normalcy that I pray will continue toward no restrictions. I reflect on the past year as a learning experience and how we all had to live differently, do church in a different way, and be with family another way. There were many firsts and changes in our way of life, obstacles we had to maneuver, and yet we came together in many challenging ways. The one constant that never changed is GOD throughout the year. I have asked at all the churches for people to come and tell where GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit has touched their lives. We learn and see GOD in many ways...

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