The United Methodist Churches

of Holcombe, Jim Falls, Anson Township, Wisconsin

02/16/2020- This Sunday’s message summary about choices 

We talked about how we have choices throughout our lives. We make choices every day until we are no longer here on this earth. That can be many years, so do we from time to time make a few bad choices? Why yes, yes we do. I shared my life and the choices I made that were worse than better, and things I did back when I was a young man and how I didn’t really care if I lived or died. The thing is we make choices and GOD has plans for us as well. I shared where I didn’t really think I would live till my 30th birthday and did things that may have fulfilled that statement. The problem was I did live past thirty and as the years passed by, I changed and had an understanding about why I have and why I am here today standing before people talking about my life and relating it to scripture. How far I have come, from where I was spiritually and mentally. GOD gives us blessings and grace and has a plan for us and gives us purpose. I follow and learn more and more where the path GOD is leading me is going. So, where is GOD leading you? What purpose do you feel you have while on this earth? We are blessed in so many ways and if we look back and reflect on our lives we can see where GOD has had a hand in our choices. This is GOD’S call to all of us to discern the choices GOD wants us to make. Use the spiritual gifts GOD gives each and every one of us. Our scripture readings were from the books of Deuteronomy 30:15-20, Psalm 119:1-8, 1st Corinthians3:1-9, and Matthew 5: 21-37 Don’t go though life thinking yours is not worth living. “CHOOSE LIFE” walk in the ways of the Lord that lead to life here on earth and to a life everlasting forever. We will all meet again.  Amen.